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The women’s garments in the Osa One collection are perfect for any occasion: from elegant coats and casual jackets to more sporty jackets and down jackets all made from fine, high-quality yarns.

Garments made from fine materials are a luxury choice that never goes out of style; a cashmere wool coat is a choice of timeless elegance.

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Men’s linen garments are perfect for creating a casual yet refined look. We have chosen to offer many models of shirts, pants, jackets and suits that meet the needs of all men.
Linen shirts are perfect for a casual and dressy look.
The proposed Osa One garments are made of fine materials to offer maximum comfort to the wearer and are the result of a stylistic choice that pays special attention to practicality without forgetting the glamorous side.


Wool is a natural product and, like all animal fibers, consists of keratin, or fibrous proteins, the same ones that also form human hair and nails. Merino wool is a particularly fine form of wool, sheared from Merino ( or Merinos) sheep and is characterized by fineness, softness and unique qualities. The term “pure virgin wool” means that the material is composed of 100% non-recycled wool derived from live animal shearing.

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